Isobel Knox

brainhorse retina

studio / traditional art

Introduction Portfolio 2023

Welcome to the captivating world of a material artist. I am deeply immersed in the realms of perceptual psychology, chemical reactions, and the migration of pigment molecules. As an energetic philosopher, I strive to push the boundaries of artistic expression, constantly engaging in technical experiments that awaken the collective subconscious.



My art

Embracing the essence of change, I embody a dynamic cohesion of extreme opposites. Here, judgment has no place, as I believe in the power of acceptance and oneness. Through my work, I invite you to explore the intricacies of existence and experience the profound beauty that lies within the convergence of diverse elements.

Join me on this artistic odyssey and let us embark on a sensory adventure together. Prepare for a retinal massage, where your perception will be challenged, expanded, and forever transformed. Are you ready to dive into the boundless realm of a material artist's vision?


  • Oil painting
  • Charcoal & Graphite
  • Multimedia


  • Too much to mention lest I toot my own horn


My background

With a proud black heart residing in a white body, I am a KZN artist who embarked on a journey away from home. Along this path, I am not only discovering new artistic languages but also rekindling my connection with ancient ones.

Selected Works

Current Exhibition

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View my work @ Art B

The Library Centre, Carl Van Aswegen St, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530

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Phone/Whatsapp : +27 82 366 6684